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Stop Creditor Harassment in Mesa

Creditor harassment is on the rise.  Are you feeling overwhelmed with credit card bill debt?  Not sure how you are going to make your mortgage payment?  Facing an extreme amount of debt is stressful enough. This situation is only made worse when a creditor or debt collector harasses a you by calling at odd hours, making physical threats, calling you names,  or doing other things that violate a debtor’s rights. In these cases, seeking the help of a Mesa creditor harassment attorney at our Mesa bankruptcy firm who can talk to you about what has been occurring and whether you may have grounds to sue the collection agency or creditor. Our Mesa debt relief lawyers can also talk to you about stopping creditor harassment by filing for bankruptcy protection. Filing for bankruptcy in Mesa would stop all debt collection efforts and lawsuits entirely.  Contact our bankruptcy law office and find out the variety of ways we can assist you with creditors who harass you.

Are your rights being violated?

Creditor Harassment Attorneys Mesa, ArizonaThe debt collection industry is governed by various laws designed to protect consumer’s rights and prevent abuses. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) provides guidelines that a collection agency must follow when pursuing payment on a debt. If these laws are violated, the agency can be held legally accountable for their misdeeds.  Meaning that if the abusive creditors that are harassing you are not abiding by the guidelines given to them in (FDCPA), you as the debtor can seek damages against the creditor.  The Mesa creditor harassment lawyers at the My AZ Lawyers is a highly skilled law firm dedicated to protecting your rights and interests in debt-related matters. If you are being contacted by a collection agency that is violating FDCPA laws, the firm will take whatever legal measures are necessary to stop the harassment, including filing a complaint with the FTC and initiating a lawsuit against the agency.  Schedule a free consultation today with one of our debt relief experts.  We look forward to putting a stop to the creditors who are making your life miserable.

Contact a Mesa Bankruptcy Attorney today to learn more about creditors and debt collectors and how to deal with creditor harassment during filing for bankruptcy in Mesa.


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