Can a court ordered judgement be included in a bankruptcy, chapter 7 or 13?

September 06

Can a court ordered judgement be included in a bankruptcy, chapter 7 or 13?


Avvo Question: After my divorce I took my ex back to court because I learned he hid money while we were going through the divorce. The judge ruled in his favor and awared him $30,000 in attorneys fees. I do not have this money and now need to file bankruptcy.

Avvo Answer: This is definitely a case that you need to have a Mesa bankruptcy attorney review with you. An experienced bankruptcy attorney will basically go through your finances with you and evaluate your debt and financial situation to determine if filing for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy may be beneficial to you. There are plenty of choices when looking for a bankruptcy attorney. Find one who you are comfortable working with and who can best address your issues. Many bankruptcy attorneys offer payment plans and most will give you a FREE initial consultation.

Though your situation may be a little more complex than most, it is definitely something that an experienced bankruptcy attorney can resolve for you. Visit with a few of them and get started on getting your life on track.

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