Been Charged Disorderly Conduct on my Privately owned property

November 21

Been Charged Disorderly Conduct On My Privately Owned Property

Avvo Question: I have been charged with Disorderly Conduct I lost my wife about 2 1/2 MONTHS AGO. I found her dead by the horse corral on the ground. For quite a long time we had been fighting MS which had ravenously attacked her. Since then I have not been doing well physically, emotionally and the like. I have since also experienced of her 2 wolf cubs and her horse. The other day the UPS driver drove onto my posted no trespassing property. When he would not leave and stop blocking my ability to get to an appointment it lead by him yelling at me and me yelling at him which then swearing began. He called his dispatch and they told him to throw the packages off the truck and they called the sheriff who came out and charged me with Disorderly conduct but did not charge him. I have been seeking counseling
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I have been seeking counseling without being able to secure services due to counselors even christian counselors telling me they would like to counsel with me and I could use it but they can not see me only due to my insurance not paying them enough. When Beth was here it took 2 incomes to run this place now I have only 1 income. I have since also experienced 2 of her wolf cubs and her horse. dying due a broken heart and missing her. The wold cubs died the day before this and the horse the morning of this.

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