Sentence for a regular dui after aggravated dui

September 06

Sentence for a regular dui after aggravated dui


Avvo Question: My husband was convicted of a felony/aggravated dui about 4 years ago. Tonight he was arrested for another dui. Don’t believe it was extreme, but don’t know yet. Would he be sentenced under a second dui or a second aggravated dui?

Avvo Answer:  Sorry about your husband’s circumstance. If he had his license back and wasn’t driving under a suspended license then he should be looking at a regular DUI. Since it was 4 years ago since his last and if there aren’t other circumstances later revealed, he should be looking at a regular DUI. Regardless of the situation, it would probably be in his best interest to seek the help of an experienced DUI attorney. A DUI lawyer may be able to find a way to defend the pending DUI charges by reviewing the police report and the facts of the case. There are many choices available in Gilbert and throughout Arizona when seeking a good DUI defense lawyer. Find someone who you are comfortable and remember, the most expensive attorneys are not necessarily the best attorneys.

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